OK, he didn’t really say that. But the endless fascination amongst some folks in Chicago over every pearl of wisdom to escape Mike Ditka’s gaping maw is a little hard to fathom. From the Chicago Tribune’s Ed Sherman (thanks to Jay Strell for the link)

Many Bears’ fans were in an uproar over Ditka’s comments that he doesn’t have a rooting interest in the NFC championship game Sunday between the Bears and New Orleans Saints at Soldier Field.

Ditka reiterated his neutral stance during radio interviews Wednesday. He told Mike North of WSCR-AM 670 that “I won’t be sad if either one of them don’t win.”

Ditka then took it to another level by taking a swipe at former Bears president Michael McCaskey, who fired Ditka after the 1992 season, during an interview on WMVP-AM 1000. Ditka also blasted New Orleans owner Tom Benson, calling him “a stupid cheat.”

“I dealt with a sneak in Chicago; so I don’t really respect people who do those things, you know,” Ditka told WMVP hosts Steve Rosenbloom and Sean Salisbury. “When I have the job as the head coach and you talk to somebody behind my back (his successor, Dave Wannstedt) when I’m still the head coach about that job, then I think that’s a little disgusting.”

Ditka declined further interview requests Wednesday, telling his secretary he was “done talking about it.”