In a development that should send the Braves and Cubs back to the drawing board (or to Julio Lugo, same thing), Los Angeles (NL) has inked SS Rafael Furcal to a three year, $39.5 million contract.

Almost as surprising as this coup by new GM Ned Colletti is the LA Times managing to publish the story before Ken Rosenthal could get to it. If Ken’s streak can end, I think the Colts are pretty vulnerable, too.

Still plenty of time before sunrise for Newsday to edit Jon Heyman’s Sunday column where he writes “The Cubs supposedly are ahead for Rafael Furcal. Don’t count out the Braves. The Dodgers, offering second base, are wasting their time.”

The Boston Globe’s Gordon Edes reports the Red Sox and Rangers are discussing a Manny Ramirez/Alfonso Soriano swap. In less spectacular news, Edes suggests that Boston and San Diego are talking about exchanging David Wells and Doug Mirabelli for Mark “When I Talk To” Loretta. If Eric Van is still on the Boston payroll, he can tell you how bad that joke was.