$750,000 to spend 6 months in close quarters with Lt. Dangle and Milton Bradley just isn’t enough, writes the LA Times’ Steve Henson.

Jim Tracy has formally asked the Dodgers for a contract extension, wanting to ensure that if he is going to endure the lean times, he will be around to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

The request came during one of several meetings the manager had recently with General Manager Paul DePodesta, sources said Tuesday. Tracy has one year left on a two-year deal that would pay him about $750,000 with incentives that could increase the value to about $900,000.

Tracy, who has a five-year record of 426-379 after a 2-0 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks at Dodger Stadium, has an opt-out clause that must be exercised within seven days of Sunday’s finale. Technically he cannot shop for other jobs during that time, and teams interested in him must gain permission from DePodesta before contacting Tracy.

However, intermediaries often are used to convey interest. By the end of the seven-day window, Tracy should have a clear idea of his marketability from the many teams expected to be shopping for a manager.