This reminds me I have an extra copy of the Wevie Stonder album, ‘Drawing On Other People’s Heads’ that I have to put up on eBay. From the LA Times’ Steve Henson.

Jeff Weaver will pitch for a team other than the Dodgers after a Sunday night deadline passed without the right-hander coming to agreement with his team of the last two seasons.

Weaver, 29, had hoped to return to the Dodgers, but General Manager Ned Colletti was reluctant to sign him even though Weaver scaled back his asking price a few days ago.

“It was a difference of opinion of value and philosophy,” Colletti said. “I like Jeff Weaver a lot. I would have loved to have had Jeff be a Dodger. It just didn’t work out.”

Baseball rules stipulate that free agents who have been offered arbitration have until Jan. 8 to re-sign with their former teams. After that, they can’t re-sign until May 1. By then, Weaver undoubtedly will have hooked on with another team.

Weaver is represented by agent Scott Boras, a tough negotiator who this off-season has struck lucrative deals for starters Jarrod Washburn (four years, $37.5 million with Seattle) and Kevin Millwood (five years, $60 million with Texas).

Weaver sought a contract somewhere between the two, but during the last week told the Dodgers he would accept a three-year deal with an option for a fourth year based on performance.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this mean the Dodgers have nothing left to show from the Kevin Brown trade? Other than not having to pay or look at Kevin Brown, that is.

Correction Corner : the banned-for-life Rog (though I’m not sure whose life) helpfully points out “the Dodgers still have Yhency Brazoban from the Brown trade. I’d like to think (for the sake of the upcoming fantasy baseball season) that ’04 is more indicative of his skills than ’05.”