Prevailing sentiment surrounding  Manny Ramirez and his 50 game sentence for use of the banned substance hCG is that the spacey outfielder is either crooked or stupidSports On My Mind’s D.K. Wilson offers a previously unheard theory ; this really about Manny Being A Daddy.

Manny is married to a very beautiful, woman named Juliana. It was Juliana who knew and felt Boston™s racism – after all without her husband by her side she becomes just another anonymous, albeit stunningly beautiful Brazilian woman. As such surely she was subject to misogynist, xenophobic, and racist behavior from the common Boston populace.

It was more than likely Juliana who demanded that she and her husband live in an ultra-exclusive condominium complex – one reserved for the super-rich and powerful – and live in the condo within that complex with the most favorable view of their surroundings. It was Juliana who loathed Boston and wanted out of the city, and into an environment where she, alone as a woman living day-to-day would be respected for her beauty, her intelligence, and respected as Manny Ramirez™s wife. Despite its Hispanic-largely Mexican populace, Texas is not the place where this can happen, which is why neither the Houston Astros nor the Texas Rangers were seriously considered as teams Ramirez would play for after leaving Boston.

In fact, only in Los Angeles could Juliana Ramirez be happy.

Now that she is comfortable perhaps Juliana Ramirez would like to bear another child by and with her husband.

Here is the kicker. If you perform a Google search you will find some 66,400 search results for œhCG ””” œhCG – male sperm production. The drug™s most common use outside of being a women™s fertility drug is ””“ as a male fertility drug.

Not an erectile dysfunction drug, but a male fertility-sperm production drug – an œSED, or sperm-enhancing drug, if you will.  T.J. Quinn said MLB says in response to the œI got the drug from a a doctor reasoning as an lame excuse because baseball players have access to team physicians who Quinn says are among the œbest in the world. Quinn himself stated this with his usual snarky, incredulous vocal inflection when scoffing at what he feels is a lie by an athlete.

If the Ramirez™s are having a problem producing another child – œgetting pregnant – what happens if, after undergoing tests, they find that it is Manny who needs sperm production stimulation, that it is Manny who is having œthe problem? What if Manny is suffering from the early effects of what is called œKlinefelter™s Syndrome, which is treated specifically with hCG?