Who better to lecture teammates and coaching staff on matters of preparation and motiviation than all-time teammate Numero Uno, Ricky Williams? The former Longhorn spoke with WQAM’s SId Rosenberg yesterday and performed as efficient a burial of Tony Sparano as any player’s managed against a head coach in recent memory. All of the Dolphins’ votes of confidence? “”Usually when players are talking and saying the right things, it means that they’re full of shit,” sneered Ricky, his quotes supplied by the Palm Beach Post’s Ben Volin.

“You can’t go 7-9 and say everyone loves what we’re doing,” Williams (above) said. “And I think any time you don’t have success and you’re not winning, people are going to be unhappy, and they’re not going to love what they’re doing and they’re not going to buy into it and believe it.

Williams said the players are having a hard time believing Sparano’s message after two straight losing seasons, and said he can be too repetitive and nitpicky.

“Tony goes through a lot of effort to show us the things it takes to win football games, Williams said. “Not turning the ball over, converting third downs, scoring in the Red Zone. He spends a lot of time saying, ‘if you do these things, you win.’ And sometimes I feel personally that he does a little bit too much. My personal opinion is if you have the right attitude that you guys are going to win, then all that other stuff takes care of itself.”

“Coach (Nick) Saban had a saying “ he said, ˜We’re worried about mouse manure, when we have elephant s*** all over the place,” Williams added. “I want to really start focusing on what I want to accomplish and what it is I want to achieve, but not micromanaging this or that and focusing on the little things. It’s keeping my eye on the prize and putting myself in a supporting environment and going to work every day with a smile on my face.”

After these remarks, Rosenberg told Williams that he looks angry and pissed.

“You’re very observant, Williams said. “Luckily I’ve noticed it, and I’m not taking it out on my wife.”