Though this isn’t quite Ralph The Elephant Boy gunning for People Magazine’s Hunk Of The Century Award, the Twinkies’ Pat Neshek has no qualms about electioneering within 100 feet of your desktop.

Hey guys, I just got back to the hotel here in NYC and am surfing around the internet. I just noticed the results and I like where we are at…striking distance. Let’s keep this thing close until Wednesday and hold an all day vote-a-thon (if that’s a word) on Thursday while some of the competitors sleep! Remember the voting is unlimited so go nuts and don’t vote just once!

I need all the help you guys can give me. In the off-season I was a proud advocate of the VOTE FOR RORY NHL campaign (look it up) and although Rory came up short we had a fun time in the process and that’s what it’s all about. I’m calling on all Myspacers, all Facebook Users and even the most skilled of You Tube Directors to help me out, the funnier the better!

On a couple interviews today people asked me why they should vote for me and I basically told them a couple things. I really don’t know how to describe this but I’m the fan/collector/guy that somehow managed to get to the big leagues. I seriously wake up each day and can’t believe how I got here and am thankful to even touch the uniform! Basically if I wasn’t playing baseball right now I would probably be the guy who was coming home from work and planning a night around baseball…planning what games to go to, which minor league teams to get autographs at, which guy to take on my fantasy team and which guy to trade in MLB The Show…heck this is what I do in the off-season, no lie! Basically I’m a fan of baseball, if your team wasn’t represented in this final 5 Vote I would love to represent you and all the fans of the game. I can tell you right now that nobody in the world, no other player would appreciate this more than me. So if you want somebody that is a fan of the game, a guy just like you, a guy that would probably pass out if elected to the ALL STAR game then you can help me out by voting here!