From the AP :

Two years after he was fired by the Arizona Diamondbacks just four days following his hiring, Backman was announced Wednesday as manager of the South Georgia Peanuts in the independent South Coast League.

Though the six-team South Coast League is a long way from the Major Leagues, Backman said he is grateful for the opportunity.”I’m very excited to be back in baseball,” he said. “I can’t even begin to tell you how much I missed the game.”

No word yet on Bernard Kerik’s chances of being named the Peanuts’ third base coach.

Either the Mets are playing it coy on the Mark Loretta front, haven’t read that Julio Lugo signed with the Red Sox or are prepared to have Jose Valentin play 140 + games at 2B in 2007. Marcus Giles signed with San Diego yesterday, affording Bob Timmerman the opportunity to recall…the “Fright Night” soundtrack?

I do realize the Mets have Damion Easley under contract, but I remain concerned about all the quality second baseman who are quickly signing up elsewhere. Wally Backman, for instance.

Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal
suggests an approach to Jeff Suppan represents the Mets’ Plan B if Barry Zito signs with one of his other suitors.

The Giants and Pirates also remain interested in signing Suppan. The Pirates, however, are not expected to be competitive if Suppan’s price rises to his desired level, which one interested general manager says is $44 million over four years.