While Sixers head coach Tony DiLeo — hoping against hope he doesn’t end up manning the merch table when his brothers in Stone Temple Pilots tour Denmark this Summer — continues to twist in the wind, the Daily News’ Phil Jasner helpfully clarifies matters concerning a possible DiLeo successor.

The “word” was out there on Doug Collins. No one seemed to know where it came from, or whether it had any merit, but it was out there nonetheless. The “word” was that Collins, the TNT analyst, three-time former NBA coach and four-time All-Star with the 76ers, was interested in coaching his former team.

There was enough talk about it yesterday, that the “word” needed to be further researched. And when it was, this is what surfaced:

John Langel, Collins’ longtime agent, told the Daily News unequivocally that neither he nor Collins had, in any way, contacted the Sixers, nor had there been any contact from the Sixers.

“Certainly last year, he had an interest [in coaching],” Langel said. “He said if the right situation ever arose, he would be intrigued, but it would have to be the right situation, the right group of players. But he does not seek positions, particularly when someone is already in that position with a team; he has a good relationship with Tony DiLeo and has great respect for him and the job he has done.

“At this point, Doug is totally invested in his broadcasting career, but has, as he has done in the past, left the door open.”