Once again, Manhattan’s best football team is the Ivy League’s worst. From the New York Times’ Bill Finley.

Columbia is 0-6 in the conference this season while being outscored by 241-42. They also lost to Lafayette by a touchdown on Oct. 8. The Lions have not won an Ivy League football championship since they shared one with Harvard in 1961, and they were 1-6 in the league last year.

“It’s been a little of both, frustrating and disappointing,” said the senior quarterback Joe Winters (above). “We’re definitely talented as a group, but it didn’t come to fruition. We don’t think of ourselves as a 2-7 team, and it’s frustrating we couldn’t produce on Saturdays. It’s definitely been disappointing, but, hopefully, the program will use this as some sort of learning experience.”

I don’t know what Winters’ career plans are after graduation, but Isiah Thomas really ought to cosider taking him on as a press secretary.