With ESPN’s expert panel seriously discussing whether or not Bill Cowher (above) is headed to the Hall Of Fame, I come to damn the Steelers with faint praise. As in, they’re pretty lucky. A Big Ben rushing TD that wasn’t at the end of the first half, plus a pair of missed field goals for Seattle, and there’s your margin of victory.

Still, Pittsburgh won four road games in the post-season and shut down a quartet of high-powered offenses on each occasion. And most importantly, Troy Polamalu (whom it should be stressed, looks less like Kirk Hammett than Aaron Neville looks like Cleveland from “Family Guy”) once had dinner with a friend of Chuck Klosterman’s and picked up the check. I mean, thank fucking god ESPN is paying Chuck to deliver the goods like that on Game Day. I mean, I know someone who knows someone else who once hung out with someone that gave a member of Faith No More a handjob. Which has about as much to do with anything as Chuck’s story.