The Trenton Times’ Mark Eckel has listened to the always-reliable “inside sources” and finds Philly’s Phranchise QB feeling a bit queasy. Not that there’s anything new about that.

McNabb, according to some people close to him, is not pleased with a lot that has happened since he tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee in a loss to Tennessee on Nov. 19.

The franchise quarterback’s un happiness includes the fact head coach Andy Reid did not allow him to travel to the team’s playoff game in New Orleans.

There is a team rule that players on injured reserve do not travel, but, c’mon, teams always treat their stars differently than they do the rest of the team. What would it have hurt to let McNabb go to the game, even if he had to sit in the owner’s box with Jeffrey Lurie, if Reid did not want him on the sideline?

McNabb also may be getting a vibe that some in the organization prefer Garcia over him. Lastly he was not pleased with the way his mother, Wilma, has been portrayed by Eagles fans and the local media for her blog on his Web site in which she stated that watching the Eagles win without her son “is bittersweet.”

Much as I love free expression and would never seek to censor the views of my family members (you feel me, “Wotan”?) McNabb only has himself to blame for giving his mom such a vehicle to vent. Donovan’s had plenty of experience dealing with the Philly papers, WIP, etc., what did he think was going to happen?