9-time Pro Bowl S Ed Reed was recently acquired by the Jets after being discarded by the Texans, and days before making his Gang Green debut in the Swamp, the likely Hall Of Famer offered a somewhat curious take on his new team’s chances against Miami, as the New York Post’s Brian Costello explains :

“That guy with the hard hat on, is he still here? What’s his name, Fireman Ed?” Reed said. “I need him getting the whole stadium crunked.”

“Fireman” Ed Anzalone quit a year ago after the Jets were humiliated on Thanksgiving by the Patriots 49-19 in the game famous for Mark Sanchez’s “buttfumble.” Anzalone stooped leading the “J-E-T-S” chant after that game.

Reed joked that maybe Anzalone would come back.

“He retired? I can’t believe it. We need to bring him out of retirement,” Reed said.

Costello is careful to point out the Jets are 4-1 at Met Life Stadium this season since Anzalone quit to do, well, whatever he fills his Sundays with.  Hopefully something more dignified. But with that stat in mind, Reed clearly has no idea what he’s talking about   ; what the Jets really need is a signed agreement confirming Fireman Ed is forever banned from the building, if not the entire state of New Jersey.