(pic taken from Niubball.com)

One day after the Chinese Basketball Association was on the receiving end of gripes from Stephon Marbury and Tracy McGrady, the CBA secured their biggest North American star to date (in terms of width, anyway) with the Zhejiang Golden Bulls signing 2011-12 NBA Champion Eddy Curry.  From Hoops World :

According to sources close to the situation. Curry’s flight to China left this evening and he will play with Zhejiang for the remainder of the CBA season. When he returns from China, he’ll be a playoff-eligible and will try to sign with an NBA team.

Curry will be playing with former NBA player Josh Boone on the Golden Bulls, which is the same team that J.R. Smith played for last year during the NBA lockout.

Prior to signing with Zhejiang, Curry played well with the San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks this season.

Much as I hate to take issue with HoopsWorld, Curry did not play for the Spurs this autumn.  His brief stint with the Mavs can be characterized as “playing well” in so far as Eddy did not miss one single 3-point attempt.