….or the former Oklahoma State men’s basketball coach has a deeply serious problem with prescription medication.  From KOCO.com :

A spokesman with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics confirmed with Eyewitness News 5 that Sutton was arrested Thursday after attempting to pick up prescriptions ordered from out of state. Sutton was arrested at a FedEx, located at 1410 Airport Road, according to Payne County prosecutors.

State drug agents obtained a search warrant for the packages, which contained four types of tablets — anything from sleep aids to Clonazepam and Adderrall. Agents confronted Sutton at the FedEx and arrested him.

Apparently, Sutton was previously warned by authorites on two separate occaasions that he’d face charges if he continued his pill-popping ways.  Sad stuff, but if there’s anywhere in our society Under Armor should be worn besides the field of athletic competition, it oughta be for mug shots.