3 of ’em, however, to the guys in purple. Never mind Gate D, the Giants proved today things can go absolutely tits up on the field, too. For anyone who had the pleasure of doing something else this afternoon and might well wonder, how did Minnesota fashion a 41-17 rout sans Adrian Peterson, it’s pretty simple. Eli managed to make the NFL’s last-ranked passing defense look like track stars.

If the Browns —- 27-17 winners over Houston at home today — manage to make the playoffs after jettisoning their starting QB after Week One, does Romeo Crennel complete the transformation from Most Likely To Be Shitcanned to Coach Of The Year candidate?

This just in — the first TV guy who calls Kurt Warner’s 48 yard TD bomb to Larry Fitzgerald at the end of the first half in Phoenix a “Hail Brenda” owes me $5.