The Boston Globe’s Bill Griffith reports today that Sporting News Radio has decided to end all locally-based programming on Boston’s WWZN.

Said move means that this afternoon’s Breeders’ Cup preview could be the final broadcast in the long, illustrious career of legend-in-his-own-mind Eddie Andleman. If the radio listeners of the Boston area are lucky, that is.

The station launched in the fall of 2001 with hopes of carving a sports audience in a Boston market dominated by WEEI (850 AM). It paid a lavish amount for the Celtics’ radio rights and put on high-profile shows with Andelman and Sean McDonough (”The McDonough Group”). However, then-GM Mike Kellogg wasn’t able to complete his vision of all-day local programming before SNR pulled the funding plug, leaving the station struggling to stay afloat and pay the Celtics’ rights fee.

The Zone got out from under the Celtics deal this season when WRKO (680) bought the rights.

But it apparently didn’t happen in time to save the local operation.