For the second time this week, the matter of crude chants aimed at Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is in the news, with removing the CD “Fat Willy: Manchester United Chants” from their UK stock. From the Guardian’s Mike Stafford:

Complaints from United and Arsenal led to Amazon removing the album, but Will Robinson contended that the “Sit down you paedophile” chant is not defamatory.

“We would certainly keep it up there because there is nothing defamatory. That track you are talking about is not directed at anybody,” claimed Robinson, a music agent who represents acts such as Tony Christie and the Cheeky Girls.

When contacted by the Guardian today Robinson was unaware the CD had been withdrawn. “That is news to me,” he said. “We haven’t received one complaint. It has been selling well, it has been selling for quite some time, about a year.

“This is the first I’ve heard about it and I’m surprised and I will try and find out some more. But we will be doing all possible to keep the Fat Willy CD selling,” added the Manchester United fan, who is now working on a follow-up. “It has been on sale for a year and it has done well. We are making the second album now. It’s full steam ahead for Fat Willy.”

The Republic Of Mancunia’s Scott The Red wonders about the double standard, insisting the behavior of Arsenal fans towards former Gunner Ashley Cole “has been completely glossed over.”

Arsenal fans take their homophobic chants far and wide, singing them at home, singing them away, singing them in Europe, singing them on public transport. There were loads of Arsenal fans in Milan singing about Ashley Cole shagging men, Arsenal fans rising to their feet for the climatic ˜ten men went to bed, CUNTS™, the song is sung at Craven Cottage, and obviously at Stamford Bridge, the Emirates, they sing it on the night-bus home and on the tube. These just the first few examples I found on YouTube, so you™d imagine that in reality this is done on a much larger scale!

Still, their homophobic chants don™t get in the way of them taking the moral high ground in regards to United chants about Wenger being a paedophile.