(Member of a Brooklyn rock band, or Finnish hockey player?)

I guess ESPN’s foray into local markets also means publishing old-fashioned homer trash-talk, not that I am anything other than amused. From ESPN Chicago’s Jon Greenberg.

Sure, mathematical probability was, and still is, against the Flyers, but does this team look like it is book smart? If you asked half the Flyers what comes after two, they’d probably say “cat.”

Oh, c’mon now – you can say that sort of thing about Daniel Carcillo if you must, but Chris Pronger is obviously bright. His press conference skills are almost Ari Fleischer-esque.

Anyway, having watched Game 1 in non-HD while parked in a recreational vehicle in Coeur D’Alene, ID, and then just a little more than half of Game 2 thanks to the largesse of a fellow sports fan (though not Flyers fan) and band manager at Sasquatch!, I couldn’t have enjoyed being at home to watch Game 3 any more, and am still smiling about it. Overtime! First Flyers win in a Cup final game since 1987! Scott Hartnell: best pass ever! Plus he bears a disturbing resemblance to Mick Hucknall! (lose the ponytail, Hartsy). Ville Leino, the new John Druce!

Of course, until they win Game 4, I don’t really expect the Flyers to win the Stanley Cup, but I haven’t expected them to win a round all spring, so hey, whatever works. Plus it’s a good time to pretend the Phillies don’t exist.