In addition to taking a very dim view of Boston Magazine’s recent profile of Globe football/boxing tough guy Ron Borges, David Scott wonders — like the rest of us who are still rubbing our eyes — when exactly Jeremy Schapp decided his journalistic credibility wasn’t so precious.

ESPN™s SportsCenter has run, on more than one occasion (since last Friday), a supposed œnews piece done by Solomon favorite, Jeremy Schaap, revolving around the the latest installment of œFour LeBron James campaign which Nike has been rolling out alongside the NBA™s opening week. Schaap did œinterviews with Wise, Business, Kid and Real Lebron and even used œold footage of Wise from his œplaying days.

The segment was treated like it was real news and actual reporting with one of the network™s premiere and most-respected reporters. It could be the single worst depiction of corporate crossover onto the news side of ESPN in the network™s history. And considering this is the same place that brought us the Budwesier Hot Seat, the Coors Light Six pack of questions and network anchors who shill any number of products, that is saying something quite big indeed.

While I don’t disagree with any of Scott’s points, I am very much looking forward to the first time this season an NBA star promises “a throwdown….on a throwback.” Still, Danny Forston should be allowed to weave his own brand of brutal word-art.