Darren Daulton made some headlines recently with his getting-ready-for-the-apocalypse chit chat, and the Phillies catcher is no doubt aware that when the heavy shit goes down, you can’t take it with you. From ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

On Monday I wrote about all the crazy memorabilia that was being auctioned, including Adam Morrison’s “unused” gauze pad. I mentioned in the piece that you could buy Darren Daulton’s autographed socks on eBay. Daulton was reportedly selling them as part of divorce proceedings.

Well, I’m sorry if I ruined things for the former Philadelphia Phillies catcher. Apparently, as part of a court order, Daulton was not supposed to auction off his memorabilia without the knowledge of his wife Nicole.

“I couldn’t believe he had all this stuff out there,” Nicole told me. “The only thing that wasn’t up there was his World Series ring. I wanted to keep some of this stuff for our children so they can understand what a wonderful baseball player he was.”

Nicole said that the auction has been put on hold until she decides which items she wants to keep for their children.

Indeed, what item could better illustrate to the Daulton kids what their Dad’s baseball legacy was all about, than a pair of his socks?