Disgraced/debunked Psychic-to-the-stars Aza Shafi-Scagliarini has received her share of CSTB coverage previously, most notably in a long, rambling letter from Connecticut deli maven George Giotasas.

Emboldened by some recent legal activity, Giotasas has more details to share.

If you remember what I told you last year, Azra came to me and got some food catered for the new York Yankees. She said she represented the Yankees and the food was ordered by Jason Giambi. She did a small catering party in Boston for the Yankees when the Red Sox got their rings the year they first won the World Series. She paid me for that party but it took me about 9 months to get my equipment back that she told me if I left it she would get it for me the next day. That was a lie. I ended up going there and getting it myself. It seemed to me that no one knew that we were going to be delivering food there and that it all came to a surprise to them.

Anyway she did pay me for that food but it was only a few hundred dollars. Later that September she called me and ordered a somewhat large order to Yankees stadium in September of that year. The amount of the food totaled $1900. I delivered it there and she was out of her mind. I thought she worked for the Yankees. I grew a little suspicious when she went to give me the tickets to the game and she went and paid for them and her credit card was declined. Nonetheless I took it with a grain of salt. I asked her for payment and she said she had to go see Jason (Giambi) to get the payment. She later disappeared. The next day she called and asked for a larger order one of about $8500. She also said that she had the check for me from the day before and I believed her. When I showed up to the stadium it was utter kaos. No one knew all this food was coming and there was a ton of food. She was divvying up all the food to everyone and at one point they told us not to send any more food to the clubhouse. After getting rid of all the food she disappeared.

I tracked her down soon after and she told me to come to the W on Lexington in NY and she would have a check there for me. I went to the W and she started acting crazy. She was asking me if I knew anyone who could get pain killers for Jason and if I could go get condoms for Derek Jeter. I told her all I wanted was to get paid because I was tired and I wanted to drive home. She once again disappeared. In the months to follow she would call me and say she was sending payment or I would call her and she said she was sending the money or said she tried to call and couldn’t get a hold of me which were all lies. Finally last summer when I saw the article in New York I got pissed and started doing some investigating on her. I found out that I was not the only one that she duped out of money.

At that point I called the Yankees. Robbie Cucuza (don’t know if I spelled it right) the Yankee clubhouse manager to ask why the Yankees aren’t paying their bills I was told that they had nothing to do with her and that she was a pain in the ass and they were trying to get her banned from the clubhouse but that some of the insecure players petitioned to have her around so that there was nothing that they could do other than tell management and complain some more about her. At that point I got pissed and filed 2 lawsuits against her. when she was notified that she was being sued she put me in contact with an Xavier from FX Invest a hedge fund company that she said he would send me a payment. He never did. He was just as bad as her. Saying he sent the payment, he would send the payment, he tried calling me and I didn’t pick up, He didn’t know what address to send the payment to ( he had asked for the address about 5 times). I finally got fed up and called azra and she did in fact send me a payment on the bigger invoice of $3500.

That still did me no good because in CT you can only sue for up to $5000. I didn’t hear from her for months after that and it really didn’t bother me because I was just going to let it play out in court. Right before court she called me and told me that her son was sick and that she couldn’t get to me and she was also sick and she was fighting for custody and so forth. She told me so many things it is too much to type up. Well the day before court came and she called me and said someone from the bank was going to call me and I would get paid. Again a lie so I just went to court. She did not even show up. She knew she had no chance of winning. What was she going to say that I didn’t give her the food. Well the judge said she had to till march 28th to pay. the day before she had to pay she called me and said that someone was going to call me and send me a payment. No one called and she was found in violation of a court order. I went to the court to do a financial institution execution to get me my money. If that doesn’t work I will have to go to Fort lee and get a marshal to arrest her in violation of a court order.

This is all very embarrassing and wish I never met her. She never gave me anything that she promised me like meeting the Yankees or getting me any autographed things from them. I basically was a victim of a confidence scam. She baited me in with the small catering gigs till she got me with the big one. Live and learn.

I cannot vouch for the veracity of the above claims, nor am I calling Mr. Giotasas a liar. I will however, suggest that perhaps Jason Giambi knows where to find his own pain killers. Likewise, you can decide for yourself if Derek Jeter would have great difficulty procuring condoms.