Who strongly resembles Bryan Ferry! In the wake of The Greatest Playoff Performance To Have Ever Taken Place Last Night, MgoBlog’s Brian declares in no uncertain terms, “Flip Saunders Is An Idiot.”

The world is Lebron agog this day and not without reason, but can we get some condemnation up in here? Flip Saunders displayed the same sort of miraculous ignorance football coaches do when they screw up game-ending clock situations during nearly the entirety of Lebronfest. He was complicit in Birth of a Superstar, inexplicably refusing to double for much of the fourth quarter and overtimes. When he did bring a double, Lebron would pass out of it and the Cavs, being the non-Bron Cavs, would turn the ball over. There are mice that can figure out that when there are two buttons, one of which dispenses a shock and the other a tasty treat, you press the treat button. If there was any justice, Saunders’ incompetence would be just as legendary as Lebron’s performance.

It is inexplicable how this guy and his lip-chewing inability to do anything right in the playoffs is a respected NBA coach. Don’t even get me started on Rasheed’s substitution pattern.

In what should speak volumes about my inability to focus on the week’s more important stories, there’s been no CSTB mention thus far of the Spurs’ 4th Western Conference title in 8 years, but there is, couresty of Draft Express, a Marcus Fizer sighting at the Orlando pre-draft combine.

Fizer (above, right) showed off many of the dominating skills that made the Chicago Bulls decide to draft him with the #5 pick in the 2000 draft, as well as the #1 scorer in the ACB League this year. He created his own shot at will, both from the perimeter or inside the post, showing incredibly quick feet and a terrific knack for finding his way to the basket despite still looking very much out of shape. His turnaround jumper looked virtually unstoppable, elevating decently off the ground and displaying fantastic touch. Fizer was just a load in the post who anyone who tried to guard him, putting his rear-end into his man and clearing him out of the way at will to get to virtually wherever he wanted on the floor. Defensively, he was just average.

A number of NBA teams were here to watch Fizer in particular, including Chicago, Indiana, Miami, the LA Lakers, New Jersey, Portland, Charlotte, the LA Clippers, and Charlotte just from the people we were able to recognize from our vantage point. Fizer looks like he could play in the NBA for at least the minimum if that™s what he really wanted to do, but losing 15-20 pounds could really make an intriguing prospect out of him.