What could possibly disuade the New York Knicks from making a run at Alonzo Mourning or Kenyon Martin in the offseason? Other than the former’s kidneys and the latter’s knees, is common sense too much to ask for? From the New York Post’s Marc Berman.

The Knicks will again bid for Kenyon Martin now that he assuredly will be traded by the Nuggets this summer, but Larry Brown has also asked Isiah Thomas to target another potential injury risk: Miami’s free-agent center Alonzo Mourning.

Brown is desperate for Thomas to obtain an inside banger, a rugged rebounder and shot-blocker. Brown does not appear to believe that Eddy Curry or Channing Frye will become stout defenders.

Martin is as available as ever – though the Knicks are one of few potential suitors, as they were at February’s trading deadline – because of Martin’s long-term contract ($54 million over four remaining years) and knee problems. He missed 26 games because of tendinitis in his surgically repaired knee.

As a potential draw, some of Mourning’s kidney doctors are based in New York.

Mourning made just $1.7 million this season and the Knicks could easily outbid the thrifty Heat by using all or part of their $5 million mid-level exception. Owner James Dolan’s generosity gives the Knicks the advantage of extending long-term deals to risky players.

The Nuggets will likely look to dump Martin for an expiring contract; the Knicks have two of those, in Maurice Taylor and Jalen Rose.

I dunno about defending, but I wouldn’t put it past Eddy Curry to become very stout.

Interesting stuff from the Oregonian’s John Canzano today about rumored attempts to talk Florida’s Joakim Noah into reconsidering his decision to stay in school.

Nevermind that Noah quickly said he’s returning for his junior season at Florida. The deadline to declare for the NBA draft is Saturday, and until it passes Noah will tempt those who would profit from having another star-caliber player in the mix. Noah’s mother said agents are still calling even as her son attended a Florida spring football practice this week, and worked out on campus on Thursday.

Noah said he wants to return to help the Gators repeat. By the way, Florida coach Billy Donovan left one of his assistants behind in Gainesville during what amounts to high season for recruiting. Why?

College kids change their minds sometimes, I suppose. Which is sort of the subject of today’s column.

I’m staring at messages from two different agents who wanted to know if I might have Noah’s phone number since I wrote a couple of columns about him from Indianapolis.

“We’re trying to reach him on behalf of a client regarding a lucrative endorsement opportunity,” one of them, a female who identified herself as Cheryl, said. “It’s for hair products. I didn’t know who to contact.”

So naturally, she called a bald sports columnist.

Despite having dropped 37 points on the Nets last night in Indy’s 107-95 Game 3 win, True Hoop’s Henry Abbot is shocked to discover that Jermaine O’Neal Is A Nerd.

Phoenix’s Mike D’Antoni and Shawn Marion each claim the Suns will need to run more against the Lakers tonight for Marion to fully thrive. MVP Nash, however, says “we’re losing the irreverence that’s important to our team.”

Hey, if you want irreverence, try watching this a few dozen times before tip-off.

A long time ago, I stopped reading Flea’s blog at NBA.com.  Quite frankly, I was getting a migrane.  Wizznutzz, as always, has the workload covered.  He’s got an intern to do it for him.