The New York Times’ Allen Salkin hits the Style section to examine the dichotomy between a studly Joe Namath type (“a playboy, likely to be seen at a nightclub squiring a model” ala Tom Brady) and an All-American akin to Roger Staubach (“a strait-laced type, likely to marry his college sweetheart and, by modern standards of celebrity, barely a sex symbol at all”, or as he’d be known in contemporary times, Eli Manning).

All quarterbacks have the potential to be sex symbols, said the sociologist Pepper Schwartz (above), a professor at the University of Washington in Seattle and an author of books about sexuality. œThe quarterback is a thinking athlete ” that nice yin-and-yang mixture of descriptions that has a sexual connotation, she said. œIt™s the meeting of highly different qualities that produce an explosive punch of eroticism.

I don’t really have much idea what Dr. Pepper is referring to, but I do suspect Jared Lorenzen could do far worse than quote the above passage on his profile.