Newsday’s Ken Berger does his best to boost the spirts of a) Scores’ staff and b) the metropolitan area’s towel manufacturers with the following :

Patrick Ewing wants to get back into coaching, but the Knicks have yet to call on one of their all-time greats after Phil Ford left to join Charlotte’s staff.

“Until somebody calls me and offers me a job, I’ve got nothing to talk about,” Ewing said last night before Game 2 of the NBA Finals, where he is doing TV work.

Ewing hasn’t coached since he resigned as one of Jeff Van Gundy’s Rockets assistants last summer to watch his son play at Georgetown. Even without Ford, a holdover from Larry Brown’s staff, the Knicks still have five bench coaches and don’t plan to make a hire.

Asked if he wants to coach again, Ewing said, “Definitely.”

“One of the things that’s a no-brainer in life is Patrick Ewing being a part of that organization,” a league source said.

While the Arizona Republic’s Paul Coro alleges yesterday’s Matrix-for-Boston’s no. 5 overall pick talk came from somewhere other than outerspace, The Chicago Tribune’s Sam Smith boldly proposes a Shawn Marion for Ben Gordon/ Andre Nocioni swap.

Speaking with the prestigious Got Frag (link swiped from DC Sports Bog), Gilbert Arenas claims he plays Halo “give or take five hours a day.” Which doesn’t seem like nearly enough.