From the AP and :

A former New York Mets clubhouse employee pleaded guilty Friday to distributing steroids to major league players, and is cooperating with baseball’s steroids investigation.

Kirk Radomski, 37, admitted providing anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, Clenbuterol, amphetamines and other drugs to “dozens of current and former Major League Baseball players, and associates, on teams throughout Major League Baseball,” San Francisco U.S. Attorney Scott Schools said in a statement.

Radomski, who worked for the Mets from 1985-95, dealt human growth hormone, deca-durabolin and testosterone, among other drugs, the San Jose Mercury News reported, citing a search warrant affidavit. The warrant had some information blacked out, including what appeared to be players’ names.

According to that warrant, Radomski became a major source of drugs for baseball players after federal investigators shut down Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative in Burlingame.

The case is being handled by the same federal investigators who netted guilty pleas from BALCO founder Victor Conte and Barry Bonds’ personal trainer, Greg Anderson, among others.

As part of the plea deal, the Washington Post reported Radomski agreed to testify before any grand jury proceeding as requested by the government and participate in undercover activities.

The affidavit listed 23 checks worth more than $30,000 that federal investigators alleged were deposited by individuals associated with MLB into Radomski’s bank account between May 2003 and March 2005, the Post reported.

And reported cell phone numbers belonging to current and former MLB players already have been identified.

Howard Johnson, a Mets infielder in the 1980s and currently the team’s first-base coach, remembered Radomski.

“He was a clubhouse kid, one of several, one of the kids that were there,” Johnson said before the Mets played at Washington on Friday night.

Ramdowski, presumably not a Cam’ron fan,  was certainly a fixture in Flushing for a long era and I for one am bracing myself for the inevitable day in which a small boy on the courthouse steps is heard to cry, “say it ain’t so, Bill Pecota, say it ain’t so!”

The 100% clean 2007 Mets are currently trailing the Nationals, 3-2, in the top of the 4th at RFK, courtest of a 3-run blast by Austin Kearns off Oliver Perez in the first inning.  Shawn Green has a pair of hits, raising his average to .367, and further puncturing the hopes of dreams of Lastings Milledge, who was placed on the DL today after straining a ligament in his right foot at Triple-A New Orleans.

Kevin Youklis connected for a 2-run HR off Andy Pettitte in the 3rd inning tonight in the Bronx, spotting Daisuke Matzusaka and the Red Sox a 2-0 advantage. Such grim news for Yankee fans, however, pales in comparison to an item by Jon Heyman that raises the spectre of The Straight Shot’s J.D. purchasing the Bombers.