“If we go Inspector Clouseau on this, it makes sense,” argued 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Andy Gresh yesterday, as he and co-host Scott Zolak presented their case for current Cubs GM Theo Epstein being the primary source of Bob Hohler’s laundry list of allegations in the Boston Globe’s explosive epitaph to the 2011 Red Sox season. Then again, if Inspector Clouseau is your standard-bearer for fine investigative work, full credit to Gresh & Zolak (above) for not referencing Mark Fuhrman. CBS Boston catalogs the “evidence”.

Ownership said right away that they didn’t leak it.
John Henry stormed into The Sports Hub studio two days later to “set the record straight” on Felger & Mazz, using the phrase “character assassination.”
We’ve heard nothing from Theo on the topic.
The Cubs interviewed Terry Francona. Was this a make-good for what happened in Boston?
Papelbon leaves and nothing negative gets leaked to the press.
“They add up and make sense,” Gresh said.