(for a very bad time — late at night — call this man)

The Orioles have offered to swap the tickets for a Sunday game in August against the A’s. But the June 30 trip was designed by a Yankees fan for Yankees fans, so right now McDermott is stuck holding everyone’s checks. He is the victim of a stick-up approved and perpetrated by MLB for MLB.

Sure, there were attractive, far more logical non-Eastern Zone Sunday games for MLB to have assigned ESPN on June 30: Reds at Rangers, Giants at Rockies, Cardinals at A’s. But making sense as opposed to making TV money is what now drives all schedules — MLB, NFL and NBA.

They all adhere to the drug-addicted prostitute postulate: Do as you wish with me, Mister, just as long as you pay me.
Phil Mushnick, NY Post, June 14, 2013

Putting aside for a moment Phil’s continued outrage over sporting events stretching into the late night hours, is it really necessary to pick on drug addicted prostitutes? Don’t they have big enough problems (the drug addiction for starters) without being likened to Bud Selig? Exactly how many drug addicted prostitutes has Phil Mushnick met in his line of work (Major League Baseball commissioners excepted), and might it be possible for a sex worker to maintain limits on what he or she will do for a buck? I mean, not Bud Selig, obviously. But someone else.