What upheaval occurred in the social media landscape that would cause me to pen the above headline?  As the Boston Globe’s Chad Finn explains, former WEEI fixture Pete “Meat” Sheppard (above, left) is using Facebook as his PERSONAL BULLY PULPIT.

In a burst of bluster that reminded us why Pete Sheppard was a popular if cartoonish figure on “The Big Show’’ before his January 2010 dismissal, the former Glenn Ordway fill-in took to Facebook Monday to rant about The Sports Hub program director Mike Thomas’s apparent refusal to take his phone calls. (The all-caps type was a shrewd touch; it actually read the way Sheppard sounds.) Asked for comment, Thomas responded via e-mail, “We appreciate Pete’s interest in 98.5 The Sports Hub, but our lineup is set and we are very happy with the performance of the station.’’

Earlier, the Boston Herald’s Jessica Heslam reported that Sheppard claims Thomas, “has gone out of his way for some reason in keeping me off 98.5” even to the extent that a paid advertiser was prevented from using his voice in a commercial.

Sheppard told the Herald he’s “exploring the legalities” of banning his voice on station spots.

Since exiting WEEI, Sheppard has hosted a weekly Internet show on patriots.com and has been playing poker for a living but he wants to be back on the air.

“If they don’t want additional listeners so be it,” Sheppard said of the Sports Hub. “I know I have a following. I know I can help the station. I think it’s sad that I can’t get a return phone call. It’s unprofessional.”