I’ve heard a rumor or two there’w been some sort of interest in the Green Bay Packers prior to Brett Favre’s ascension to iconic status. Bart Somebody. Vince Whatshisface., etc. But I’m a little fuzzy on the details, and so for that matter might be Favre, who seems to be telling Greta Van Susteren  SI’s Peter King that his noble desire to don the jersey of an NFC North rival shouldn’t have changed Green Bay’s opinion of him.

“Two years ago you were ‘Sportsman of the Year’ and an American folk hero,” I said. “Now there are kids and adults who are sick of you, who don’t love you anymore. How does it feel?”

“Well, then they really didn’t love me in the first place,”
he said. “Whatever. Nothing I can do about it. This whole situation, if I had it to do all over again, there’re a few things I’d do different. But wouldn’t we all? I don’t expect everyone to like what I’ve done the last two years. That’s life.

“For people who’d question why I did this, I didn’t do it for any other reason than to try to play football for a team [Minnesota] I really wanted to play for. It had nothing to do with revenge against the Packers. Nothing. It wasn’t about getting back at [Green Bay GM] Ted Thompson. How much more clear can I make it?”