With the Northwestern Wildcats leading Purdue 40-19, last Saturday’s turnover-laden loss to Michigan State (which dropped NU from the Top 25 and put the Spartans in it) is either that much more regrettable (the difference between January 1 and not?) or further evidence Ohio State is gonna have their hands full in East Lansing.

Whereas Iowa’s 35-9 lead over Wisconsin merely shows that Penn State still hasn’t faced a truly tough opponent. Today they play, not so much the University of Michigan, as its history of 9 straight losses to the University of Michigan. I expect a flat first half.

And while all the BCS/Big 12 focus is on UT tonight, the potential topsy-turvy upset of the day has been buried on Fox Sports, where the woeful men of Texas A&M trail #7 Texas Tech 30-23. Though, even as I type that, the Red Raiders look set to take a two-score lead (fine by me – who wouldn’t want them to be undefeated for November 7?).

Update: The Aggies did manage to pull off one of my favorite plays – a blocked XP return for two points – and now trail 36-25.

Update 2: So much for MSU. With a turnover, 62 Terrelle Pryor rushing yards and a great catch by Brian Hartline, the Buckeyes have raced out to a 21-0 lead.