I was all set to brave the Friday traffic on I-35 for Texas’ opener against San Diego State (the Longhorns will play much of February at Round Rock’s Dell Diamond while refurbishments to Disch-Falk Field continue) when I received a chilling message from Maura Johnston :

Don’t know if you are SNY-enabled, but i just got word that Jose Lima is pitching in the Carribean Series at this very second, and it’s being broadcast live on the channel.

Yes indeed, not only am I the most SNY-enabled person this side of Chris Cotter, but I can confirm that Lima Time has recorded two scoreless innings for the Dominican Republic today while facing Venezuela. Victor and Cookie Rojas are calling the game for Wilpon TV and while I had a joke all set to go about Hugo Chavez being in midseason form…I don’t want to offend anyone I might need to heat my house next winter.

(UPDATE : No sooner did I complete the above post and DirecTV cut off the SNY feed, adding the lovely caption “Program not available in your area.” Where’s John Kerry when I really need him?)

(UPDATE DOS : the same game is being shown on Fox Sports Espanol, and they seem to be using the same ESPN International feed that SNY employed. The lengths some folks will go to in order to ensure we get our Luis Polonia fix…)

(UPDATE FINALE : Dominican Republic 4, Venezuela 3, 18 innings, 6 hours, 13 minutes.  It’s all down hill from here for baseball 2007, folks)