While there’s no truth to the rumor merely playing The Fall’s “Bingo-Master’s Breakout” in the Fed Ex parking lot would result in a beatdown, Cheap Seats Daily does report Redskins fans attending last night’s unsuccessful debut of Sherman Lewis as Washington’s offensive play-caller were under what our Prince Far I might call “heavy manners”.

Dan Snyder™s jack-booted thugs were out AGAIN? It™s harder to get into a Skins game than an El Al jet?

Dan Snyder™s attempt to kill the message was in full force. I didn™t go to the game, so everything™s anecdotal, but there™s so much.

Tales of scuffles with security over signs and t-shirts blasting the owner abound. The only first-person account I got was from a friend who called me from FedExField just after being searched at the gate like he was boarding an El Al flight.

He asked the frisker, œAre you looking for anti-Snyder paraphernalia?

œAs a matter of fact, I am, the guard told him.