With an item deemed surplus to requirements on the front page of today’s SF Chronicle sports section (the online version, anyway), the New York Daily News’ Nathaniel Vinton reports federal prosecutors intend to call representatives of Nike and Fila to Barry Bonds’ forthcoming perjury trial. The witness are expected to claim Bonds’ feet were abnormally large.

Also included on the witness list that the prosecution filed Monday night is Mike Murphy, the clubhouse manager for the San Francisco Giants, who prosecutors indicate will “testify as to the increase in the defendant’s hat size.” Murphy already testified about that in grand jury testimony years ago, and no documentary evidence about Bonds’ hat size (such as receipts or emails) are listed in the government’s exhibit list.

Growth of the forehead, jaw and extremities are sometimes cited as a side effect of an over-abundance of natural or injected HGH. Bonds’ attorneys are likely to challenge any non-scientific assertions by Murphy, the shoe company reps, or other witnesses.