While I’m not condoning the actions of the jerk in San Diego who tossed a plastic syringe at Barry Bonds yesterday, let’s be realistic. Throwing an entire jar of The Clear at the Sultan Of Surly is the kind of grand, expensive gesture beyond the means of most baseball fans. The SF Chronicle’s John Shea covered the tense scenes at Petco yesterday.

Instead of a festive opener, it was ugly for the Giants and not simply because they lost 6-1. The whole Bonds mob scene was an obvious distraction, and teammates quickly lost patience over repeated questions about the team’s reaction to the fans’ reaction. It didn’t help that ESPN camera crews dominated the clubhouse, shooting for Bonds’ weekly show that debuts tonight.

At one point, a Giants public-relations official halted a group interview with Sweeney, requesting questions be focused on the game instead of on the Bonds situation. A reporter asked the official if he was editing interviews. The official later apologized.

If the fan abuse is this bad in San Diego, how will it be in New York or Philadelphia? Los Angeles or Pittsburgh?

“It’s going to be like that everywhere,” shortstop Omar Vizquel said.

Before the game, manager Felipe Alou offered a challenge to anyone intending to chastise Bonds.

“Those who feel clean, go ahead and throw the first rock,” Alou said. “If you’re clean, if you haven’t done anything wrong or been accused of anything wrong, go ahead and start the show.”