From the Telegraph :

Footballs with microchips embedded into them will not be used during the World Cup finals in Germany, Fifa have said, because the technology is not ready.

The Smartball was designed by Adidas to prevent controversial decisions, informing match officials whether or not it has crossed a line on the pitch.

It was trialled at the Under-17 World Championship in Peru this year.

The official ball for the finals in Germany will be unveiled during the draw on Friday.

Adidas say that the ball that will be used at the World Cup will be the best ever used in a tournament.

But the manufacturer said a ball with a chip in could only be used when they were convinced it was “100 per cent perfect”.

This has to be considered good news for Wayne Rooney, who should be far more comfortable with the old fashioned Dumber Than A Bag Of Hammers ball that he’s been using for years.