Oh yeah, this will work. Marc Perlman says “I’m at a loss for words,” and while I speak for his entire softball team in wishing that were true (just kidding, Marc), the makers of “Project A-13” are nothing if not erudite in their understanding of the fan/athlete dynamic.

We can start the journey out of here by making a choice”to be patient, positive, and strong as fans.

Forget all the gaudy statistics and awards too”this goes for Alex as well as for us. If we can each clear our minds of the headlines, the hype, and especially the money”which is both corruptive and corrosive by its very nature”we can start this relationship over with a renewed sense of opportunity. We can believe in him, and his abilities at the plate, without expecting anything in return…belief in its purest form. If we can do this, The Movement will begin, and the possibilities are endless.
Are you ready to believe?

I thought so. And so am I.

Just remember: positive energy is contagious, and limitless in possibility. Let’s stop the boos (not booze), and start spreading the word.

Stand up, New York.

Start The Movement.