I guess people have been known to compare Jay Wright with George Clooney. No way. Dermot Mulroney.

Today the Villanova coach enjoyed some Super Bowl-like press coverage, which is to say, about the stuff that isn’t basketball. From Ashley Fox of the Philadelphia Inquirer:

The best-dressed man in college basketball, the one whom announcers routinely laud as dapper and debonair, has two closets in his bedroom, one for his suits (“about 30”), the other for his shirts, shoes and slacks. Organized by style. An outfit for every occasion.

Villanova’s coach has a deal with Hugo Boss and another with a local custom clothier, Gabriele D’Annunzio, who has hand-made for Wright about a dozen suits in the last three years, including the three Wright was planning to take with him to Detroit for this weekend’s Final Four.

Wright says he puts little thought into what he wears, but that can’t be altogether true. D’Annunzio uses the finest wool fabrics for the suits and tailors them to accentuate Wright’s broad shoulders. The shirts, with D’Annunzio’s signature piped breast pockets, have tall collars to account for Wright’s long neck and reflect a quarter-inch disparity between his arms. And Wright orders his size 13 leather shoes from a dealer in Atlanta.

And an added note from “Gonzo”:

While he was entertaining the media in the windowless, concrete Ford Field basement, John Feinstein from the Washington Post wandered over and joined the crowd. Wright, being Wright, put his arm around Feinstein and kept talking. A second or two later, Feinstein turned to Wright and interrupted him.

“Are you wearing cologne?” he inquired.

“Always,” Wright said.

“For practice?” Feinstein asked.

“I get up in the morning – I shave, I shower, I put on cologne,” Wright explained.

I’d say that there’s some crucial information missing here: what did Feinstein smell like?