Years from now, you might not remember exactly where you where or what you were doing when news broke of Stephon Marbury and the New York Knicks coming to turns on a buyout agreement after a four month staring match.

Not me, however.  I’ll always remember that I was watching UK terrestrial outlet Channel 5‘s coverage of tonight’s Pistons/Heat tilt, and analysis of the Marbury/MSG divorce was provided by none other than Coolio (above).

Though I’d lost track of Coolio’s career travails of late, he seems to be something of a crap TV fixture over here, having finished 3rd in the most recent series of “Celebrity Big Brother”.  In addition, he’s made a recent appearance on “Star-ving”, a straight-to-the-web program that pairs the aspiring white rapper duo of David Faustino (aka M.C. Bud Bundy) and Corin Nemec.

This doesn’t have much to do with the state of the Knicks roster or the Celtics’ mooted plans to sign the newly freed point guard.  But I do know I will be very, very careful in the future before I ever again refer to Stephon Marbury as washed up. There’s all sorts of second and third acts in public life.