3. Every member of the Capitals, who deserved this game as much as Philadelphia deserved Game 1. They looked like a playoff team tonight. Boo-hoo.

2. Mike Knuble, with the double-OT winner, eking out linemate Jeff Carter’s two-goal night.

1. Mike Wise. Clearly the largest the presence of the night. The Washington Post columnist is now more hated by the Flyers faithful than Ovechkin. He also did more interviews.

From Ed Barkowitz of the Daily News:

Wise is taking the fuss in good stride, though he is surprised at the reaction. Give Comcast-Spectacor VP of PR credit. He plastered Wise’s pressbox seats with posters and showed up in a MegaDeath (sic) jacket.

That would presumably be Ike Richman, grandson of the former Sixers owner and a high school classmate of yours truly.

Anthony San Filippo of the Delaware County Times has much, much more:

The Flyers didn™t like reading such drivel. So, they decided to print 20,000 copies of Wise™s column to hand out to each fan walking through the doors of the Wachovia Center for Game 4.

Unfortunately, not one of the copies was handed out, thanks to a lawyer for the Post who contacted the Flyers a couple hours before the game and politely asked them to cease and desist ¦ or else.

œWe got a call from the Washington Post asking us not to distribute their story because we didn™t get prior approval, Flyers vice president of business operations Shawn Tilger said.

But was that really the case?

A source told the Daily Times that Wise contacted his editor, expressing concern for his well-being if the column was distributed to that many people. The editor was said to have contacted the paper™s lawyers, and in turn they reached out to the Flyers and cried copyright infringement.

It was also learned that if the Flyers wanted to ignore the complaint and pay whatever the fine would be, it would come at the cost of $750 per infraction….

œIt™s almost flattering, said Wise, who received a few prank phone calls at his downtown hotel after a local radio station announced where he was staying. œMy mom and sister don™t even read my stuff.

œThey were going to pass out 19,000 copies. They were putting pieces of it up on the scoreboard. That™s a columnist™s dream, Wise added. œGame 4 has become about me, not the Flyers and Capitals. The egotistical part of me is blown away by it. The personal safety part of me is just O.K.

That column is soooooooooo going to win an APSE award next year.