(we all have our own individual notions of what constitutes armageddon)

Persons clobbered over the head all summer with commercials for NBC’s “Revolution” couldn’t help but notice the Wrigley Field marquee declaring the Chicago Cubs, “2012 World Series Champions”.   Keep in mind, the J.J. Abrams series chronicles events 15 years after the entire planet suffers an electrical blackout, so this was a hell-freezing-over joke of sorts, and not even a very good one, at that. Abrahms’ “Lost” already made use of Boston’s drought-ending 2004 World Series victory, and in light of the current Cubs squad playing out the string since, well, May, it seems “Revolution”‘s creators thought better of the sight gag.  From the Chicago Tribune’s Rob Manker :

When the show premiered Monday night, the Wrigley Field scene shown in the trailer was different. Gone was the declaration of the Cubs as champs, replaced by a plain red background beneath the marquee. Everything else about the post-apocalyptic scene remained the same — still Wrigley Field, still abandoned, still no electricity.

Four months after the original clip appeared, the real 2012 Cubs have the second-worst record in baseball and are mathematically eliminated from any chance of making the playoffs.

Apparently even the bounds of science fiction can be stretched only so far.