Though I’m not sure persons obsessed with Matt Bonner’s choice of sneakers technically qualify as “NBA foot fetishists”, but that’s how San Antonio Express-News beat writer Mike Monroe describes those stunned by the Red Rocket opting for a pair of Addidas before a recent game.  Hanging in the (new) balance? Bonner’s loyalties to a decidedly unglamorous brand.

“I think everybody in the locker room noticed it,” teammate Stephen Jackson said. “The New Balance has been his thing for a long time. It’s kind of like Shaft cutting his ‘fro.”

Formerly sponsored by New Balance, Bonner was running low on his favorite shoe until uncovering a few long-lost boxes in a locker at home.

“It was kind of like finding the Dead Sea Scrolls,” Bonner said.

With four pairs of New Balances left, Bonner believes he now has enough to last the season, especially if he occasionally practices in another brand to save wear and tear on his game shoes.

Bonner’s teammates wouldn’t mind seeing him break out the Adidas for game use at some point.

“He looks more like a basketball player in them — and not a tennis player turned NBA star,” Jackson said.