I’m usually not too worried about committing any sort of fashion faux pas, but wearing the above garment (purchased at a midtown Modell’s, last summer) might be more than I’m willing to risk at this moment in time.  The Journal News’ Steve Lieberman and Jane Lerner report former Giants LB Lawrence Taylor was held overnight by Ramapo, NY police, charged with the beating and rape of a 15-year-old runaway.

Taylor’s lawyer, Kenneth Gribetz, said he has not seen the charges or the details of accusations.Gribetz, a former Rockland district attorney, said he’s confident Taylor will be released on bail later this afternoon and eventually exonerated. He said Taylor will plead not guilty at the arraignment.

“We firmly contend he is innocent of the charges and will be fully exonerated,” Gribetz said.

Gribetz and his law partner, Deborah Loewenberg, met with Taylor at the Ramapo police lockup.

“He’s upset as anyone would in this situation,” Gribetz said of Taylor. “He’s looking forward to an early arraignment and release.”

Taylor’s wife, Lynette, has denounced the accusations as “bullshit”, telling TMZ.com the incident smacks of a setup coming just days after L.T. was featured in A&E’s “Fame & Recovery”.