Snappy dialogue from the SNY booth today during the 4th inning of the Mets’ 6-3 defeat of the Fish.

(Oliver Perez singles to right past a diving Dan Uggla)

Cohen : “that’s false hustle. Dan Uggla had no chance at that…who is he trying to impress?

Hernanez : “You’re tough.”

Darling : “Did you get enough sleep last night?”

Cohen : “I like hustle, don’t get me wrong, but that’s false hustle.”

A few innings later, as Bill Webb’s cameras gazed longingly at the plethora of food stuffs on offer at Shea, Cohen complained bitterly about the lack of snacks in the booth.  Keith, incredibly, announced he’d never seen bottled water being hawked in the stands before.

There’s an item in Wednesday’s South Florida Sun-Sentinel that suggests Omar Minaya getting chummy with the Marlins’ Miguel Cabrera before Tuesday’s game might constitute tampering. Which makes plenty of sense…if you ignore the fact the Mets are committed to David Wright for the next several years…and if Miggy’s gonna change positions, a switch to DH in the AL is far more likely than a move to Flushing.