Biz Of Baseball’s Maury Brown is amongst those who predict we’ve not heard the last of recently-deposed ESPN baseball analyst Joe Morgan, and believe it not, such speculation might provide solace for otherwise reasonable members of the baseball community. For instance, Bronx Banter’s Alex Belth, Emma Span, who wails, “now that Morgan™s gotten the hook, who embodies what I want to argue against?”  Hey, Tracy Ringolsby’s still working Rockies telecasts next year, right?

Surely no one with as broad and loud a platform, so much money and influence, no one who will make it so much fun to play the righteous underdog. So yes, I think in a perverse way, I™m really going to miss Joe Morgan.

Sandy Alderson has assembled a super-Moneyball team over in Queens and is being showered with praise, and Morgan™s only real anti-SABR peer, former New York Times columnist Murray Chass, is off in a basement somewhere writing a blog that he furiously insists is not a blog. Who am I supposed to yell at on my TV screen now?

Of course, as was pointed out to me last night, we™ll always have Buck and McCarver. I have no doubt they will outlive us all.

(KORRECTION KORNER :  Emma Span is the author of the Bronx Banter post quoted above, not Alex Belth.  My sincere apologies to both for the error – GC)