It was a little more than 2 years ago that Will Leitch called former ESPN / CNN anchor Fred Hickman “a space cadet”, expressing unusual relish over the the veteran reporter’s substance abuse woes. Today, Hickman is once again ready for the spotlight, launching “Fred Said It”, a public relations firm designed to help today’s sports stars tackle the confusing modern world of Friendster, CompuServe, etc.

Many professional athletes today are faced with a continuous flood of media attention and can easily become a magnet for scrutiny. Social media channels broadcast every status update, “tweet” and image – good or bad – to millions in a matter of minutes, and any misstep becomes instant news. Having the skills and confidence to effectively communicate with the media and fans is proving to be as valuable as a good jump shot or a 100 mph fastball.

Veteran sports broadcaster Fred Hickman announced today the launch of Fred Hickman Communications to provide athletes, coaches and front office personnel with the skills to tackle a variety of challenging media situations, including:

How to conduct yourself in a radio or television interview
Dealing with high-pressure situations – such as the run up to a championship game, trade talks and rumors – or off-the-field conflicts
Delivering an effective public speech
Appropriately maximizing social networking outlets (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
Representing yourself in connection with nonprofit initiatives
How to handle success with class and humility

In the future, when asked how they became so comfortable in front of the media, athletes and coaches will simply reply… “Fred Said It.”