(Francesa and Cerrone, shown in happier times. Image culled from the creative commentators at Amazin’ Avenue)

Though this is hardly as crucial a concern as Jerry Manuel’s decision to remove Johan Santana after 8 shutout innings and 105 pitches last night (said matter is covered elsewhere, naturally), in terms of dubious decisions, what could’ve been going thru the skull of WFAN’s Mike Francesa yesterday when he chose to attack Metsblog’s Matthew Cerrone for a fairly inoffensive editorial in praise of Mike Pelfrey?

Francesa dismissed Cerrone — whose rebuttal has strangely disappeared — as looking like “a 12 year old needing a shower”, an interesting choice of words for a radio host whom, to be quite charitable, is neither a male model nor an oil painting. Were the same sort of relatively fluffy piece composed by a columnist for Newsday, the Daily News or the Post — all of whom have at various times, published space-fillers of a non-critical variety, would WFAN’s resident Diet Coke addict take it upon himself to lambaste an established journalist?  If Cerrone and Francesa were forced to swap jobs for a day, what are the odds the pro blogger might not embarrass himself nearly as much as the man who manages to suck all the joy out of sports yack in two different mediums?