(Kucinich – high, far, gone)

In this morning’s Daily News, not only does Bob Raissman raise the hillarious prospect of Presidential candidates besides Rudy G. visiting the YES radio and TV booths (the sparks will fly when Dennis Kucinich  and John Sterling hook up!), but WFAN’s “Mike & The Mad Dog” are castigated for their cavalier ‘tude towards MLB’s mishandling of the “Extra Innings” package.

Mike Francesa and Chris (Mad Dog) Russo are above it all. That’s no revelation. The boys have become so jaded they are oblivious to the passion many Joe/Jill fans have for their favorite sports.

That’s why FranDog, in condescending tones, last Wednesday haughtily dismissed all protests coming from fans (backed by some media types) who are being shafted in MLB’s “Extra Innings” fiasco because “only” 200,000 people bought the package of out-of-market games on cable TV last season.

“Think about how much outrage . . . So this thing everyone was having ripped from them, and how it was against apple pie and motherhood and Americana,” Francesa said with a snort. “There was only 200,000 people in the whole country subscribing to it.” Russo: “It’s virtually nobody . . . You can’t even discuss it as a big deal.”

Hey, if one person is having a summer ruined because of Bud (Nutty Professor) Selig’s money grab (an exclusive “Extra Innings” deal with DirecTV worth $700 million) than I say scream long and loud. Then again, a “big deal” to FranDog these days is Russo detailing his latest vacation. Or Francesa providing touching highlights of his birthday morning.