The Independent’s Tim Collings wonders why Martin Allen would leave Brentford for Milton Keynes Dons. Obviously, he’s not seen the toilets at Griffin Park. Allen, however, describes his first days on the new job.

After a further chat, about budgets, ambitions and players, during which Allen (above) was assured that his wish-list was within the chairman’s price range, they reached agreement. Since then, Allen has recruited six players and is hunting for one more, but some have gone.

Two of the departed left swiftly, having failed to attend meetings to discuss their futures. He knew he had to act decisively. “If they couldn’t make their way in to see the new manager of a club that was just relegated, then I could not see they would be dedicated to turning this club around,” he said.

That was followed by the axing of the players’ buffet lunch. “The chairman here is very generous,” said Allen. “But we are just one division from the Conference… I think they needed a reality check. There was no food at Barnet [where Allen was manager for two years] or Brentford. It was all brought in. And that didn’t stop us…

“This was a challenge, to see if they were with you or not. I opened the doors into their room and took a look – and there they were with their Tupperware boxes with sandwiches, fruit salads, yoghurts, rice and pasta salads. There was a real buzz. For me, the manager, it was a joy to see. There was no sulking and moaning and they understood my reason.